Strengthen your ANKLES!

Strengthen your ANKLES!

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Reviewed by Elaine Winslow-Redmond, MS, ATC, EMT, Rockettes' Director of Athletic Training and Wellness

An otherwise striking pose can be foiled by the dancer’s nemesis: wobbly ankles. Strong ankles and feet not only help improve your dance quality, but if the ankle musculature is strong, you’re able to withstand greater force before an injury...

Monitoring Pointe Shoe Wear

Monitoring Pointe Shoe Wear

Due to the precise fit, providing imperative support, pointe shoes must be replaced when they are outgrown or the structure is compromised. 

Replace When:

  • Shoe becomes uncomfortably tight as foot grows.
  • Foot shape has changed so that the support is no longer proper or comfortable.
  • Technical development changes the needs of the shoe shape or shank strength.
  • Shoes start to wear and lose supportive qualities.

Typically, you can expect 12 to 15 hours of active use from a pair of pointe shoes.

Appearances can be deceiving- worn shoes may still be fully supportive, and shoes that still look...